Project overview

The project team has completed 60% design of the Missing Link, designing a connection that ensures safety for all users and preserves access for adjacent property owners. Construction on the Missing Link is anticipated to start in 2018.

Project History

The Burke-Gilman Trail is one of Seattle's most popular multiuse trails. It serves as a major transportation corridor, connecting multiple neighborhoods and other city and regional trails between Bothell and Golden Gardens. The trail is complete except for a 1.4-mile segment through the Ballard neighborhood, known as the “Missing Link.”

This Missing Link has been in development since 2001, following the Seattle City Council's direction to evaluate completing the missing portion of the Burke-Gilman Trail. SDOT completed an initial environmental review of the project in 2008, published a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2016, and released the final EIS in May 2017. Visit the project's website for a more detailed overview of the Missing Link's history.

To make sure the Missing Link is designed safely and in a way that works for everyone, it is important to consider all voices and perspectives. All stakeholders—including local workers, freight drivers, trail users, and members of the industrial and maritime communities—are important members of the Ballard community. The project team has provided various opportunities for public input throughout the project's history, including this online open house.

Project Design Goals

SDOT will focus on the following to guide the design phase of the Missing Link Project:

  • Ensure safety and predictability for all users, including people traveling on the trail and drivers who need to cross the trail
  • Maintain access to the commercial and water-dependent industrial users adjacent to the trail
  • Ensure the trail provides a comfortable and accessible transportation and recreation option for people of all ages and abilities
  • Connect the trail to the existing walking and biking network

Coordination with Nearby Projects